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graVITas has come yet another time, to spread its wings wide and open, welcoming the savvies and thinkers from around the globe to the hub. Yes, the Techno-Management fest this time has revamped itself to the premium echelon. The fifth edition has set the theatre for the battleships of technology, innovation, imagination and creativity to showcase.

With over 80 Events and 15 workshops, graVITas 2013 pledges to unleash the genius and discern the matchless ingenuity. With an insight of the future technologies, graVITas aims to promote innovative thinking and pioneering ideas and has been fanatical in showcasing such prodigies.

With an objective of promoting knowledge, defining new means of technology; delineate the organizing province and spreading a word of concern to the entire world, graVITas is all set to exhibit its extravagance.

Yes, we have brought it back, for you. It’s time to explore, enhance and experience an ambience of extravagance. Join us, and witness the rephrasing history.

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